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Old School, New School

Old School, New School
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Image by andyi
I think this setup is really quite charming. I’m not old enough to have grown up with a record player, but I’m old enough that my oldest sisters grew up with them. So I have memories of watching a record changer and enjoying that deeply tangible connection between the music, the disc it’s sold on, and the mechanism that plays it.

Song ends. Tone arm swings out, in, back out again, and then PLACK! The next record falls down onto the turn table. Tone arm swings back in, drops, and music resumes.

I’m also pleased by the juxtaposition. This shirt-pocketable iPhone is just as good as a bulky, mechanical record changer. Sure, its speaker might not be quite as big as the tabletop model. But the record player would have a hard time managing a tower of…what…2,000 45′s?

Still, I’d pay $ .99 for an iPhone hack that inserted a "sss…PLACK!" between tracks.

2 Responses to “Old School, New School”

  1. lillyflowers says:

    I still have my 45s (Yogi Bear anyone?)! You’re right, there’s nothing like that "sss…PLACK!" sound. :-)

  2. macprohawaii says:

    Nice retro-modern set-up here. I like vinyl. Records are neat.

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